The FileSolve Way

Designing You a Happy Workflow

There is 'No One Size Fits All' in The FileSolve Way

Companies get work done on a day-to-day basis by going through a series of small events, steps, and pivots. And, there are a lot of things required to move through these steps — sign-offs, approvals, double-checks, purchase orders, signatures. Things travel around to many different people and departments before they’re stored on a shelf — or make it to the cloud. Data, content, files, media forms — the things that are the byproducts of these events — need to be created, managed, delivered, secured, and stored.

Custom Designed Suite of Solutions that Provide







The FileSolve Way is Custom Designed With You

FileSolve gets it. Over our 20 years in business, we’ve helped companies and organizations in all markets — and of all sizes — find the best solution for whatever digital transformation means to them. Sometimes, that’s just getting started with digitizing all your physical records. Other times, it’s figuring out what processes and workflows are right for your digital business — now and into the future. Because “digital transformation” gets talked about like it’s one singular thing — in reality, it’s the processes and solutions that make your business faster, more nimble, easier to do business with, and overall, happier. (Yes, happier businesses are a thing.)

How Do We Create Happy Workflow?

A seamless workflow is a happy workflow.


Gap Analysis

First, we start with a upfront, complimentary assessment that identifies the current-state problems and future-state solution to modernize your process.


Prototype Review

Working in two-week sprints, we demo the system with you and obtain your feedback to design the next iteration based on your discovered needs.

Unlike other companies, we don’t just go behind the curtain and present you a final product this is a collaborative, flexible process. We like to include our stakeholders in gaining feedback, testing the proposed solution and then iterating to make changes or additions to create the Happy Workflow.


Build & Support

Continue to build the solution based on your feedback while providing you and your team support, training and change management assistance.

Are you Ready for a Happy Workflow?

What we’re less used to — or ready for — is a hard truth: what we did yesterday to manage our workflow will not work tomorrow — or today, for that matter.

Where do you start? How about you start by downloading this graphic representation of The FileSolve Way to get a better representation of how we work and then we can start a conversation.