Retailer Contracts

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Streamlining and automating a process to reduce errors and lost documents.
Now that’s what we call a Happy Workflow.

custom designed suite of
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Provides visibility into retailer contracts status, whether under investigation or up for renewal, regardless of where in the process.

Automatic reminders are prompted for when contracts are up for renewal or when contract-related tasks are due.

Workflow-based process that automates your work and requires only minimal manual data entry, helping to reduce errors, redundency, and data entry.

The Situation

Retail Contracts

Validation, approving and maintaining retailers to sell Lottery tickets is more than just signing a contract. By state law, a retailer must have an initial review followed by periodic assessments that include criminal, credit, and background checks. Collecting and tracking this information from multiple, diverse stakeholders is an enormous challenge. In addition, the amount of paperwork these contracts generate, the lack of visibility into what has been collected and what is outstanding, and the labor intensive process to track and input this data and information is time-consuming and repetitive. Finally, there is a lack of visibility, data analysis and nonexistent audit capabilities.

Retailer Contract solutions

Workflow Automation
Automation Documentation & Data Capture
Approval Management
Dashboard Reporting
Data Integration Across the System

Workflow Process Example

Capture Documentation
Scan and organize tickets, while leveraging Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and indexing to digitize the paper copies.
Automatic Routings to Departments
Electronic version of the documents are created that allows for automated decisions based on the business rules you design and we implement.
Database Look-up For Missing Information
If information is missing, rather than searching through papers, using the direct look-up function in OnBase will provide the information for you. Saving you time and energy.
Automatic Queues for Review
Multiple queues are designed for different purposes, such as a 90-day queue to review a retailer contract, or if credit is held up or denied, or even for the committee to review the paperwork.
Integration with Gaming System
Data output for import into your specific Gaming Systems.

The Benefits

Workflow-Based Process

The process is built utilizing automated workflows and routing to ensure a retailer contract goes through each step of the required process, allowing the right person to see the contract at the right time with the required information.


All of the information needed to review and adjudicate retailer contracts is captured electronically rather than paper-based. Lottery’s and retailers can see where in the process the contract resides as well as what information is still required.

Reminders for Contract Renewal

Automatic notifications are set up to remind the Lottery for when items are due or for upcoming renewals. Individual notifications are sent to remind users of tasks tied to specific contract reviews, approvals or renewals.

Minimal Data Entry

Information is in a database rather than on spreadsheets, minimizing data entry and allowing access to use for analytics, reporting, auditing or workflow capabilities.

Ready to eliminate your paper processes?

Your handling of Retail Contracts might not exactly look like this one, but download this overview PDF that includes the various solutions and benefits from taking the Filesolve Way approach to increasing your visibility, providing automatic reminders and automating much of the manual work.

How did we create this Happy Workflow for Retail Contracts?