Retailer Adjustments

Lottery Automation

Streamlining a process that used to take weeks down to just hours.
Now that’s what we call a Happy Workflow.

custom designed suite of
solutions that provide:




Provides visibility to all adjustments using a unique identifier or retailer number. Allows visibility into the actual ticket itself.

Using automated workflows, reduce the adjustment claim process from weeks to hours. No more spreadsheets or manual data entry.

Provides you complete audit capabilities, including automatic checks and balances. You can see who touches the adjustment at any time.

The Situation

Retail Adjustments

Due to issues with tickets, Retailers frequently request financial adjustments from the Lottery. The Lottery must review each adjustment case and determine if a financial payout is required. However, the challenges with the current approach to adjudicating these adjustments includes a labor intensive process and use of multiple spreadsheets. The Adjustment process touches several departments which requires moving hard copy documents and tickets from department to department with repeated data entry into a shared spreadsheet. Without transparency into the process across departments, there is a lack of visibility into the overall process. In addition, data analysis, reporting, and auditing capabilities are essentially nonexistent.

Retailer adjustment solutions

Workflow Automation
Automation Documentation & Data Capture
Approval Management
Dashboard Reporting
Data Integration Across System

Workflow Process Example

Capture Tickets
Scan and organize tickets, while leveraging Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and indexing to digitize the paper copies.
Create Intelligent Ticket eForm
Electronic version of the ticket is created that allows for automated decisions based on the information on the ticket. The original (scanned) ticket is attached.
Dynamic Assignment to CSR
Criteria for assignment is configured to meet your specific needs, automatic workload leveling, and supervisor direct approval management.
Assisted Processing
The system is configured to assist with calculations, data validation, required fields and auto-dates.
Post Approval Review
Prompted process reviews and approvals for the Customer Service Reps, Security and Prize Validation with automated routing to the Finance department.
Integration with Gaming System
Data output for import into your specific Gaming Systems.

The Benefits

Speed of Process

The process of handling the adjustment requests went from weeks/months to hours and decreased the amount of manual labor needed for handling.


For everyone that needed to see the specific status of all of the adjustments, a particular adjustment or a specific retailer’s adjustment it was there for their viewing, down to the individual ticket.


The software provides full-audit tracking capabilities with an automated checks and balances ensuring everything is within regulatory compliance.

Automated Workflow Leveling

The software allows for dynamic distribution of work accommodating variable volumes and labor, ensuring even workloads, while also allowing for exception processing, alerts, notifications, and reminders.

Ready to eliminate your paper processes?

Your Retail Adjustment process might not exactly look like this one, but download this overview PDF that includes the various solutions and benefits from taking the Filesolve Way approach to increasing your speed, visibility and take the guess work out of keeping within compliance. 

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