Administrative Operations

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Streamlining and automating processes to reduce manual entry and time.
Now that’s what we call a Happy Workflow.

custom designed suite of
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Reduce the amount of paperwork that needs to be filled out and submitted to do everyday tasks.  No more spreadsheets or manual data entry.

No longer dependent upon paper documents that were needed for daily activities.

Workflow-based process that automates your work and requires only minimal manual data entry, helping to reduce errors and work efficiently.

The Situation

Administrative Operations

Administrative Operations has multiple internal processes ranging from ordering business cards, managing citizen complaints, capturing accident reports, submitting mileage and vehicle logs, collecting, updating and storing driver disclosure forms, submitting, reviewing, approving and denying purchase requests and more that are all paper based forms and documents. There is a lack of visibility at any given point, as document details are tracked on a spreadsheet resulting in a lack of visibility, data analysis, and nonexistent reporting or audit capabilities.

Administrative Operation solutions

Workflow Automation
Automation Documentation & Data Capture
Approval Management
Mobile Access
Data Integration Across the System

Workflow Process Example

Unity Forms
Rather than paper-based documentation, Unity Forms customized for each internal process allow users, regardless of their physical location, to enter information on-line for instant submission for approval or review.
Automatic Routings to Departments
The information is routed to the appropriate departments with triggers to ensure that an approval or review isn’t missed.
Reporting and Visibility
The system is able to provide customized searches and dashboard reporting that display the status and information about any problem claim in the system at any given time.

The Benefits

Workflow-Based Process

Automated routings to the correct approver or reviewer. Timers are available to ensure the claim moves through the process and a approval or review isn’t missed. Reminder notifications are scheduled for when renewals are due. Users can approve, deny or request additional information.


Regardless of business process, all information and data is available electronically with a customized searching capability and dashboard reporting.

Audit Trail

Since all physical paper forms are electronic, there is a full audit trail to understand where documents are in the process, who approved, denied, or modified the forms as well when those actions occurred.

Ease of Submitting Remotely

Regardless of the person’s physical location, individuals are able to enter their information electronically. This allows for the departments that need the information to receive it sooner, resulting in faster processing.

Ready to eliminate your paper processes?

Your handling of the Administrative Operations might not exactly look like this one, but download this overview PDF that includes the various solutions and benefits from taking the Filesolve Way approach to increasing your visibility, digitizing your physical paper copies, and automating much of the manual work. 

How did we create this Happy Workflow for your Administrative Operations?