Lottery Automation

Designing You a Happy Workflow

Streamlining processes for lottery systems that used to take weeks down to just hours.

Through our experience in partnering with organizations like yours we have designed, what we like to call ‘Happy Workflows’. These Happy Workflows can help make the mundane task streamlined, the invisible process visible, or paper-based mess digital, speedier and automated. From having constant visibility to where an approval or document is in a defined process, to ensure compliance is being adhered to and even increasing your speed to complete processes that could take weeks to complete down to hours. 


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Custom Designed Suite of Solutions for:

Retail Adjustments

Due to issues with tickets, Retailers frequently request financial adjustments from the Lottery. Each ticket must be reviewed by the Lottery and determine if a financial payout is required. Sounds simple — but maybe your process resembles something like this:

  • A labor-intensive process and use of multiple spreadsheets
  • Hard-copy documents moving from department to department with repeated data entry into a shared spreadsheet
  • No visibility as to where an Adjustment is at, at any given time

Learn more about how we turned this into a Happy Workflow that provided visibility, speed, and compliance.

Validation, approving and maintaining retailers to sell Lottery tickets is more than just signing a contract. By state law, a retailer must have an initial review followed by periodic assessments that include criminal, credit, and background checks. What does this end up looking like? 

  • Collecting and tracking information from multiple, diverse stakeholders 
  • A ton of paperwork 
  • A lack of visibility into what has been collected and what is outstanding
  • Nonexistent audit capabilities

Learn more about how we turned this into a Happy Workflow that provided visibility, reminders, and automation.

Retail Contracts


Problem claims is another facet of the lottery that need to be handled across multiple departments. When problem claims come in from regional offices to headquarters your process most likely resembles something similar to this: 

  • Required documentation is received via mail (yes, snail mail)
  • Investigation documents produced have to be reviewed by many departments 
  • Tracking is managed in a shared spreadsheet with no real visibility or transparency across departments or overall process

Learn more about how we turned this into a Happy Workflow that provided visibility, digitization, and automation.

Administrative Operations typically have many internal processes they are dealing with on a daily basis. These processes range from ordering business cards, to managing citizen complaints, to capturing accident reports, submitting mileage and vehicle logs, to collecting, updating and storing driver disclosure forms, and much more. 

Learn more about how we turned this into a Happy Workflow that provided speed, digitization, and automation.

Administrative Operations

What does it mean to create a Happy Workflow?


Gap Analysis

An upfront, complimentary assessment that identifies the current-state problems and future-state solution to modernize your process

Prototype Review

Working in two-week sprints, we demo the system with you and obtain your feedback to design the next iteration based on your discovered needs

Build & Support

Continue to build the solution based on your feedback while providing you and your team support, training and change management assistance